An irrevesible cessation of life.


BOY: father, i think i'm dead.

PRIEST: no my dear child, death awaits you not.

BOY: i believe it has come already.

PRIEST: boy! what makes you speak such unholy words?

BOY: coz i just got into Dover College.

PRIEST: oh! that makes it worse.

Some underlevelled individuals may spell or pronounce it as "DEAF", but that is a different word altogether, with no correlation at all.
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by naxel April 08, 2006
A state of existence that men tend to seek at their worst hours, and avoid during the rest of their years.
Deaths in 2003 (according to the World Health Report): 29.2% from cardiovascular diseases, 12.9% from Ischemic heart disease alone. 19.5% from parasitic diseases, lead by HIV 4.9%. Malignant neoplasms (growths and tumors) 12.5%, 2.2% from trachea, bronchus and lung. 6.7% from respiratory infections and 6.5% from respiratory diseases, chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease leading them with 4.8% of worldwide deaths. 6.2% from so called accidents, road and traffic injuries leading at 2.1%. 4.3% can be attributes to prenatal conditions, 3.4% to digestive diseases, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis of the liver combine to include 1.4% of worldwide deaths. Neuropsychiatric disorders such as Alzheimer’s take 1.9%, diabetes mellitus claims another 1.7% and Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis another 1.2%. Intentional injuries make 2.9% with suicide leading at 1.5% followed by homicide at 1.0% The remaining 3.7% died of various causes ranging from drowning to being mauled by a bear/bears.
#casualty #mortality #demise #expiry #decease
by nethcev! January 02, 2006
Something better than sick. The best of all things. When saying something is death, you are saying nothing can beat it.
Peter- that car is so sick!
Brian- no it's better than sick. It's DEATH!!!
#sick #death #deth #best #great
by Timmy o'toole August 04, 2013
Death n. v. - Used to describe a situation where someone fails horribly at what they were trying to do. This definition is normally used in reference to competitions and contests where a person or group may want to describe their crappy performance.
Kim: So, how was your marching band performance?
John: Death.

Robert: How was the school's football game?
Emily: We were doing good up until 3rd quarter. After that we just died. We lost 23-32.
#win #fail #life #quit #succeed #epic fail #pwned
by Reallyslowcomp October 05, 2011
the time when the Great Cosmic Muffin flies down and smites you from the earth. It is a symptom commonly associated with doing things, including but not limited to:
- Stepping in front of oncoming traffic.
- Assuming signs labelled “hazardous”, “poisonous”, etc. are merely bluffs
- Running with scissors while flying a kite near a power plant
- Getting into a gunfight with the pope
- Not passing on internet chainmail
- Mooning the British Guard

- Successfully dividing by Zero

it is also the only accepted reason not to pay tax.
Chris - " OMG 12 DIVIDED BY ZERO IS *dies*"
Steph - "so not trying that, i hate death"
#death #daeth #jaws #penis envy #mooning
by B.TERRYS/FAV October 02, 2011
The naturally holistic remedy for living popularly seen by most people as being a life-changing event not quite being the opposite of life, but very close to it; or, perhaps more relevantly, some strange metaphysical event to do with the even stranger metaphysical event of being born that, as a consequence, cannot possibly be avoided and so is preferably something to be kept at arm’s length as long as possible, or until it is too late to be avoided anyway.
It is not the concept of death per se that is the problem, it is the knowing that one is dead after one is dead, so to speak, either in heaven or hell, or elsewhere, that can really keep you up at night with insomnia, dead or alive.
#conking out #life’s cessation #rigor mortis #non-existence #die #dead-parrot sketch #clinical death #no pulse #brain death #legal death #legally dead #dead and burial #corpse #doc death #dead #corpse-style
by Zamboozee March 27, 2011
the only cure for the disease that is humanity
everybody will someday be faced with death
#dead #alive #life #half dead #undead
by fosizzlemyrizzle October 17, 2010
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