Welcome relinquish from this bullshit
In the darkness we are forming
by Davey January 15, 2004
What everyones living from... They rather endure life than death.

Why are you dying to live if your jsut living to die?
Oh My God! It's a 187!
by NTsaga November 22, 2003
Love's final embrace.
Until death do us part.
by Anonymous October 10, 2003
The escape from the prison that is life.
Everyone watched in horror as Billy fell to his bloody death.
by Ofijo July 09, 2003
The only way to end the sexually transmitted disease known as life. No human knows what comes after it.
Aww why does life always have to end in death?
by Ash Drowning June 24, 2014
Something better than sick. The best of all things. When saying something is death, you are saying nothing can beat it.
Peter- that car is so sick!
Brian- no it's better than sick. It's DEATH!!!
by Timmy o'toole August 04, 2013
An endless race. You start to run as soon as your body starts to form. Some are slow and the race is over quickly. For the fast the race takes time, but know that death is always quicker. That gap will close and you will fall into death's grasp like the billions before you. There are a rare few who refuse to play it's game. They turn and charge at death dodging it's flaying hands. The defiance is powerful, but the game is over quicker.
I have had a good run, but now i shall fall to death's grasp.
Yes grandfather.
by A dot on a page January 07, 2013

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