Welcome relinquish from this bullshit
In the darkness we are forming
by Davey January 15, 2004
What everyones living from... They rather endure life than death.

Why are you dying to live if your jsut living to die?
Oh My God! It's a 187!
by NTsaga November 22, 2003
The escape from the prison that is life.
Everyone watched in horror as Billy fell to his bloody death.
by Ofijo July 09, 2003
A supernatural being that serves God whilst having three other brothers including War, Famine and Conquest. Death is nearly as strong as God himself and its is believed that he will reap Gods soul at the end of time.
Death is coming your way.
by I_fucked_up June 24, 2016
An endless race. You start to run as soon as your body starts to form. Some are slow and the race is over quickly. For the fast the race takes time, but know that death is always quicker. That gap will close and you will fall into death's grasp like the billions before you. There are a rare few who refuse to play it's game. They turn and charge at death dodging it's flaying hands. The defiance is powerful, but the game is over quicker.
I have had a good run, but now i shall fall to death's grasp.
Yes grandfather.
by A dot on a page January 07, 2013
1. The end of the world as you know it.

2. A universal experience that occurs in all known life forms.

3, The most persistent mystery of all time.

4. The ultimate excuse for missing work.

5. Inevitable; the best reason to party excessively.

6. The point at which life delivers its punchline.
Death: Get it?

You, upon dying: Yep!
by Chicocat April 01, 2010
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