When someone or something causes you to stop living...

...like you used to.
1:A boy fell while climbing a tree and broke his neck, then the boy died.

2: An imortal girl watched her mom die as her father stabbed her repeatedly in the neck and later that year her love broke up with her and never spoke to her again the next year the rest of her family died on an airplane and later that year her friend got addicted to meth and died and her new boyfriend raped her for the second time and then went to jail and next year she became anorexic while living with a strange woman and then when she was 15 she got addicted to drugs......so from the day her parents died she wouldnt talk....from the day her bf left her she couldnt cry anymore...from the day her family died she wouldnt sleep....from the day her friend died she wouldnt smile...from the day she got raped she wouldnt go outside....and from the day she lived with the strange woman she wouldnt eat...and from the day SHE decided to do drugs...she lost her soul...

by icantcryanymore644335 August 06, 2009
Designed after the Grim Reaper who goes by the same name, Death is a recurring boss of the Castlevania series. Loyal right-hand-man to Count Dracula, he swings a big scythe and his attacks normally consist of smaller sickles flying around to attack you (occurs in just about every game he's in). Death also usually either transforms or powers up his scythe when battling him. When Death is defeated, he either just vanishes like other bosses or is sent into a portal (this happens in 3 games in the series).
Death is loyal only to those who have the Crimson Stone. Dracula took the Crimson Stone from Walter and, thus, Death turned on Walter and took his soul. As long as his master is alive, Death will continue to live on, hence why he, along with Dracula, is always in every Castlevania game.
by Durango June 11, 2006
The only way to end the sexually transmitted disease known as life. No human knows what comes after it.
Aww why does life always have to end in death?
by Ash Drowning June 24, 2014
The cold timeless embrace of eternity and all consuming apathy. The end of existence, incomprehensible in the truest meaning of the word. A fate so dismal the most ancient of philosophers sought to explain away its all consuming approach.

Also, you get taxed for it.
The act of embracing death; to become dead, to die.

*Doctor*: You're dying.

*Patient*: *Speechless horror*

*Doctor*: Drink?


*Doctor*: You've kept your body in perfect shape, ate right, and worked out more efficiently than we thought anyone could. You're family is beautiful and well-established. Did I mention you're incredibly healthy? But that brings us to do the bad news, you're dying of nothing.

*Patient*: What?!

*Doctor*: What, you think you can win life or something? Drink?
by The Ukearchy August 18, 2010
A word used to show dicontent or disgust, a valid replacement for any word you wouldn't use in church.
Coraline was a terrible movie, it was so bad it made me say death.
by AWHTF March 31, 2009
Something to be rejoiced. Sure it hurts when it's somebody close, but if nobody died, but people were born, it would get overcrowded, and really suck. If nobody died and nobody was born, in all probability you wouldn't exist, and you are certainly limited to your current family. Eternally.

To fear it is irrational, and a waste of your finite, limited, short time.
If you are, death is not.
If death is, you are not.

"Why should I fear that which cannot exist when I do?"

by ~The Nameless One~ September 19, 2005
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