When everthing goes dark,
When everyone is gone,
When you finally see what that bright light really is.
Th eonly thing i fear in life is death,
Not beacause Everything's over,
Not because everyones gone,
Because of the darkness...
by Molly February 28, 2005
(n). something to play around with later that day after you came home and caught your mom getting too friendly with the family dog.
oh crap, my mom was f*cking a dog. -pulls trigger- (death)
by dea†h March 16, 2006
The opposite of life OR the guy in the black robes who can't beat Bill and Ted at Twister...
Death rocks!
by OmnipotentSeal July 04, 2003
The end of all that is living.
Yay, were doomed!
by Satan December 16, 2002
A new begining,Death comes with an act of killing.Death is also a new begining of life
death becomes life,death also clears room for the living
by lil Elmo November 25, 2003
what happends when you die
im death incarnet doom nukka
by ju October 03, 2005
1. The eventual end of a person, the bottom of an arc, the last chapter, the last stand, the loss of life, removal from Earth, the ltimate paradigm shift. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing after it.
oh, here comes Death
hi death
by Braavosi April 30, 2003
its when you see a bright annoying light. You head towards and realise that its some dead member of the beetles. And then you get caught in it and die again and then you realize you didn't die the first time it was just that you had not paid attention in gym classes personel hygene unit. Please people wash your hair and cut it.
oh my god that fat blob thats been playing counter strike (terrible game) for 4 monthes straight just drown in his long strings of greasy hair
by Grim Reaper March 08, 2005

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