When everthing goes dark,
When everyone is gone,
When you finally see what that bright light really is.
Th eonly thing i fear in life is death,
Not beacause Everything's over,
Not because everyones gone,
Because of the darkness...
by Molly February 28, 2005
a slang word used by necrophiliacs(ex: i just had death, i had a near death expierience, last might i fufilled my death wish)
(ex: i just had death, i had a near death expierience, last might i fufilled my death wish)
by Grim Reaper March 07, 2005
NOT OF DEATH. death isn't really of death that's a myth. if you do find death try not to find death.doom is the immediate lead up to death but not linked by word of mouth.
olly is that the tree of death?


(Later James retracted his commented about the tree being of death).
by Oliver Wood February 25, 2005
Used to describe something or someone.
1)Ugh, what is that?! It smells like death.

2)Yo man, you look like death today.

3)I've been so sick! I feel like death.
by YouWantMyGoodies January 13, 2005
the other half of life
idk i couldent think of 1 for death
by umm not zack March 16, 2009
what you get when you die
death is the only adventure
-Captain James Hook
by anti-beat-box August 27, 2003
The eventually stop of movement of your blood cells and the end of the replication of your DNA.
Fatman died today, he played FFXI and ate until he burst... I am sorry for the chair he was in... his death will be celebrated..
by Darth Supertuba March 31, 2006
(n). something to play around with later that day after you came home and caught your mom getting too friendly with the family dog.
oh crap, my mom was f*cking a dog. -pulls trigger- (death)
by dea†h March 16, 2006

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