A double-edged sword. No human has the true authority to condemn someone to death, however, The Death Penalty does seem satisfying in some specific cases.
I hated friday nights lights, the director deserves the Death Penalty.
by Johnny Pseudonym January 18, 2005
Comedian John Oliver put it well on the Daily Show when he compared the death penalty to the McRib- "When it's gone, it seems so tantalizing. But once you have it, you think to yourself, this is ethically wrong. Should this be aloud in a civilized society?"
The death penalty is a controversial and often emotional issue, yet John Oliver was witty enough to poke fun at it in a way that would make people on both sides of the issue laugh.
#death #penalty #john #oliver #daily #show
by niceatheist June 26, 2014
Something that needs to be stepped up in this country for
- child molesters
- for judges who give a child molester who's molested a little girl for 4 years (from age 6-10) -> only 60 DAYS in jail. (they should execute that motherfucker and that judge too)
- GANG members(murderers)
- rapists
- murderers
- serial killers
- pimps
- terrorists
- illegal fucking immigrants (if you want to come here because you seek a better life then fucking do so legally,otherwise die)
- corpse fuckers
and the like
Many politicians and Hollywood actors deserve the Death Penalty.
#kill all fucking nambla members #just shoot them in the head along with any other child molesting fruitcakes and the nambla member judges who go easy on them #kill all gang member bastards #terrorists #etc
by America sucks now January 11, 2006
An effective method of deterring truly worthless individuals from doing a capital offense again. Works better when someone is killed based on their actions (like sodomize a child) than things they did not choose to do (like be black) The only thing that rocks more than the death penalty is the Deity. Whoops, one thing rocks more than the Deity, a Deity which has automatic death penalty (which occured in Biblical times)
Schoolite: We should abolish the death penalty because it kills people who have value. Me: Well if you want a world full of people who do violent and sexual crimes, then the death penalty is not for you.
#rocks absolutely #kill kill hate hate murder murder mutilate #blood makes grass grow #action-based hate #slit their throats on imax film
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 12, 2006
1.) A backwards method of punishment which has been condemned by most well developed, industrialized nations.

2.) A type of punishment that is actually more costly than life in prison.

3.) Hypocritical.
The death penalty can't be overturned, yet there have been many instances where an innocent person has been put to death. However, their sentence was overturned too late.
by Jhonkas July 13, 2005
The act of putting a particularly loathsome criminal in a chair and then running enough electricity through the chair to kill it. Other methods include lethal injection, hanging, firing squads, and gas chambers.

An act that should be administered much, MUCH more frequently as it is a great way to curb our nation's problem with jail populations.

Oh and don't even bother telling me that "it costs more to put someone to death than to keep them alive on Death Row for 20 years." No, it doesn't. Let's do the math.

20 years of food and water + court costs and lawyer fees = Lots of money.

1 trial + 1 last meal + 1 bullet = A lot less money.

And what you "economists" don't realize is that we're putting people to death AFTER they've been on Death Row for 20 years! So it doesn't matter which one costs more, because the taxpayers are paying for both.
Oh and for the rest of you that say "The Death Penalty is not a deterrent." That's because we don't administer it enough. Start putting all child rapists and murderers to death immediately after the trial, and watch the crime rate drop since most child rapists and murderers are repeat offenders.
#lethal injection #death penalty #hanging #gas chamber #chair
by One Half January 07, 2006
When the government murders people in jail. It is bad because in the US it is MORE expensive to keep someone on death row and do that whole execution process than just life in prison, many innocent people have been executed and it can't be reversed once they're dead, ect.
Two wrongs don't make a right, man!
Typically done in the US by lethal injection, electric chair, or firing squad.
The death penalty is bad!
#death penalty #murder #government #electric chair #lethal injection #unfair
by Jeweliepop February 14, 2009
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