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An "eye for an eye" method of criminal punishment in which the criminal is put to death prematurely. There are many different ways of carrying out the death penalty. The earliest were gas chambers, after that they were replaced by firing squads and the electric chair, and today the lethal injection is the most common one.
Random death penalty fact: Utah is the only state that still executes by firing squad.
by Party Pooper May 09, 2005
When the state takes your life for committing a murder. Death penalty can range from, hanging, electric chair, lethal injection or the gas chamber. Age can also very from 14 and up depending on the state.
If you take someone's life, we have the right to take yours.
by Saints September 15, 2003
Liberals, the ACLU, Amnesty International and other wackjobs hate the death penalty because they believe a murderer has more rights than his/her victim. They would rather incarcerate him/her for a few years, give him/her access to pornography, cable TV, good meals and eventually release him becuase he/she has been "rehabilitated." Oh yeah, and our tax dollars pay for college degrees for these scumbags, and in some instances drugs, breast implants and impotence medication. Wow is this a great country or what?
How can someone protest a murderer being put to death?
by AZWildcats10 June 27, 2005
The only appropriate penalty for kidnapping, murder, rape, terrorism, and other heinous crimes.

The only appropriate penalty for being a gang member. Crips, Bloods, Pachucos, and other gang members never mug another chump after capital punishment.
Capital punishment prevents greasy criminals from ever committing another crime.
by Bumkicker Slade May 07, 2005
A highly controversial issue. But must be done. People whine that those on death row have rights, well to get there you have to do something horrible. What about the victims? Didn't they have rights? A man rapes and murders 35 little girls and your telling me he doesn't deserve death? When it is proven he can not be reformed? That bull if you ask me. Today there is enough technology that the people on death row DESERVE it. The possibility of it being wrong is very slim. If you rape, molest, murder, a large number of people/children you should die. You took their lives so why should you keep yours? You didn't think about their rights or family or life why should anyone think about yours? Basically, if you are put on death row you deserve it. And if you have the balls to fight it sadly it's about 10 years before you get the needle so fight all you like.
The death penalty is necessary. I value human life, but if you can take another person's life in cold blood in a such a way that you are given the death penalty, then so be it. Case closed. It's a tough subject but this is where I stand and most rational compassionate people should (yes compassionate because you need to think about the victim's family and put yourself in their shoes) Sadly in America criminals have more rights than victims. What was ment to protect has only destroyed. And that's basically it.
by i speak truth August 24, 2006
I just wanted to clear up some misconceptions people have about liberals and the death penalty. Many conservatives, with their usual black and white thinking, suppose that every single American liberal alive opposes the death penalty, and not only that, but feels sorry for the criminal to boot. This is balderdash however. We despise criminals just as much as you do, and only a very small but vocal minority of liberals actively opposes the death penalty.

To the main point: Why do some liberals oppose the death penalty?

A) It's very, very expensive. Yes, a lot more so than just shoving the bastard in prison for the rest of his life. Huge pull on our tax dollars
B) The number of people who have been wrongfully convicted, sentenced to death, and then found to be innocent is disturbingly high.
C) Statistically, minorities are far, far more likely to be put to death largely because of preconceived biases among the jury. Also, poorer minorities have to deal with shitty public defenders that can't put forth a good case, unlike far wealthier white criminals who can hire the best of the best.
If it were up to me, the death penalty would be applicable only in cases of definitive guilt (hard evidence that the perpetrator is the right dude). Also, he'd have to be at least 18, of course, and above a certain IQ threshold.
by Submitter of Words June 14, 2011
Something that people love to whine about.
If you come to Texas and you kill somebody, we kill you back. That's our policy.
by Vyryn February 15, 2005
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