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1. the occurence of an organism being so sexually aroused it begins to ejaculate a large amount of sperm to the extent that the organism dies. 2. a slang term for a male giving his male or female companion HIV. Closely related to a James Hock.
While masturbating last year my best friend died of death jizz.

Rubert gave Mrs. Robinson death jizz last night.
by March 12, 2003
A very potent deadly semen, from when a man consumes a lot of poison and glass so that they are contained within his semen, which he will then proceed to go to his enemy and penetrate their asshole, thus releasing his man juices into their body. The semen will tear the victim from the inside and cause a rather unpleasant death. The victim then falls to the ground, and the corpse starts spewing out the victor's babies. The ultimate example of dominance!
Ari "I wanted to show Mike Smith who's boss, so i gave him some death jizz"
Dave "Well that would explain the plethora of offspring you have running around"
by Da Five-O August 17, 2010
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