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the opposite of a birthday. someone's death day every year is on the day when they died and marks how many years they have been dead for.
William Shakespeare's death day is on April 23. He has been dead for over 300 years.
by IDoEverythin February 12, 2013
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Any day that is not your birthday, signifying that each day we are closer to death.
"Happy Deathday to you,
One day closer to
The day that you die,
and your life is through!"
by JoRokHed October 24, 2011
2 1
n. 1. The day you Permanently Failed at life.
2. A planned day of departure from this world
3. When "Hey Guys, WATCH THIS!", didnt end so well
1. Looks like John celebrated his Deathday today.

2. Emo: I am having my Deathday tomorrow if anyone wants to come... not that anyone cares ~boohoo~

~proceeds to fall and snap neck~
Jerry's so-called friend: Happy Deathday Jerry!
by Dakota ftw, Blake as well March 07, 2009
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