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A violent game involving two or more participants in which all but one attempt to single out the other and physically force him/her into the designated "Death Chair". Once this task is accomplished, the assailant(s) then proceed to punch the victim in the legs until he/she can break free and escape the chair. This continues, eventually involving all participants. The game never officially ends. Rather, participants usually come to the consensus that leg cramps are too severe to continue on.
That's it, you're going into the fucking Death Chair!
A hilarious and often beer fuelled game for two or more players. Person A sits on a standard issue office chair (smooth wheels are a must), whilst Person B proceeds to move them towards increasingly uncomfortable situations at great speed. Good examples include stairs or walls. Guaranteed to amuse, Guaranteed to regret the next day.
Anyone for death chair?
by Myky November 02, 2007
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