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a town in michigan comonly referred to as the dh. not much to do but the school of choice kids are turning innocent drug using white boys into wigger drug using white boys.
"look at that wigger he must be from dearborn heights"
by rckjames313 August 07, 2006
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An established quality residential community of nearly 60,000 located in southeast Michigan. It is a progressive city committed to enhancing the lives of all who live and work here. The city’s central location in Wayne County affords easy access to numerous recreational, cultural and travel opportunities in the Greater Detroit area. The DH provides an ever-increasing number of services in a city with excellent schools and nearby colleges and universities, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, many houses of worship and civic organizations, close-knit neighborhoods, low crime rate, affordable housing, a wide selection shopping areas and all the advantages of living in a small city with a diverse population and a strong economic foundation.
There isn't much to do here, but Dearborn Heights isn't as bad as everyone from here says.
by stankyhoes313 May 30, 2011

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