an element in the making of a deal, essential to one of the parties. without it, that very party would never consent.
he wanted a fender guitar from any price range, as long as it had a maple neck. the maple neck was the deal breaker.
by Oh, Deer May 23, 2011
A "deal breaker" is a gigantic, massive shit that you have to take before an important event. Typically, the "deal breaker" feels like an unstoppable force. The name is derived from the following: If part of your work involved meeting with clients, and one of these unstoppable shits happened while you were meeting with said client, causing you to shit your pants...well...that would certainly be a "deal breaker".
I was driving down the interstate praying to God and Baby Jesus for a Rest Area, 'cause I felt a massive deal breaker coming on and there was no stopping it.
by mad genius August 22, 2011
Children. Single people, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Oh, god no. I wouldn't date her. Mary has kids. That's a total deal breaker.
by AmbroseKalifornia January 08, 2007
A small penis, the end.
Hey, I thought you were into that one guy.
Nope, he's sportin' a total deal breaker
by A Ling January 18, 2010
a romantic cousin of the "shocker", the deal breaker involves delicately inserting your fist in the anus of your significant other. Also known as "5 in the stink"
Cindy said Nick was the most unbelievable lover she had ever experienced, until he gave her a deal breaker.
by crazy legs #22 August 05, 2008
The act of firmly yet romantically cramming your entire fist into your signifigant other's cornhole.This is a distant cousin of the shocker.
Nick gave Cindy a Deal Breaker in his Beretta, and she liked it.
by Crazy Legs Meadows 22 July 30, 2008
An insensitive term used by a partner in a relationship to refer to the often materialistic demands expected to be gained from the opposite partner's expense. That is, a "deal breaker" is a goal, requirement, or condition that must be met in order to keep the other person's supposed love for you.
Female partner: If we cannot afford a wedding within the next three months, that's a deal breaker for me.
Male partner: If you cannot be patient, that's a deal breaker for me.
by Ray Stinkle February 27, 2015

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