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One of the best TV series ever.
Last Sunday's episode of Deadwood was great
by Keith March 15, 2005
Worthless employees in large companies are dead wood.
I got finally got a promotion but everyone in my new group is dead wood.
by Frizbee Dog March 06, 2006
Inability to get or maintain an erection.
I got her alone in my apartment, but because of all of the booze, I had deadwood and now she won't return my calls.
by ucaneatadick August 26, 2008
A weak errection due to poor health.
"And let’s face it—a man who stuffs his belly full of dead pigs in the kitchen
only to deliver dead wood in the bedroom becomes a big bore"

by Hesitant Wang August 31, 2004
Doo-doo that takes several flushes to get down the toilet.
Guy: "My stomach is killing me. I gotta take a shit."
Roommate: "Hurry up! And make sure you flush a couple times 'cuz I don't wanna see your deadwood floating around when I go take a shit next."
by Langster Wang January 04, 2011
1. A dramatic Western on HBO.
2. To kill, end, or get rid of.
1. Dude, last night's Deadwood was amazing.
2. The bee was driving me nuts, so I Deadwooded it's ass.
by AlCap May 01, 2005
The inability to get an erection as a result of heavy intoxication.
Dude, she was all up on my nutz, but I couldn't fuck her because I had some wicked bad deadwood.
by Beefbrook July 30, 2006
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