Noun, Temporal:

Designates the approximate point in time at which work begins in earnest; employee motivation is frequently observed to be "dead" before the deadline draws near.
"Christ, it's the nearly deadline already?! Hey Pete, put down the controller my friend - it's time that we looked at these shuttle schematics."
by Joshua B. Wright April 05, 2004
The point at which work should held until, and then handed over to others all in one go.
"Shall we pass the orders to traffic and comm prod?"

"nah, deadline isn't till 5pm"
by Disgruntled December 21, 2005

See deadline.
"Not wanting to miss out on the big discount coffin sale at the local morgue, Pete decided to speed rashly in order to beat the deadline, judging that even in the worst case scenario this would enable him to take advantage of the terrific one-time savings."
by Joshua B. Wright April 07, 2004

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