A guy who sits at home pretending to work but really only chats in IRC and plays video games.
Zombee is such a deadbeat.
by Alex May 15, 2003
Top Definition
1. A person unable to pay his bills

2. Someone of low financial standing

3. An undesirable target for a sales pitch
"I cannot close this guy, he's a deadbeat. He never even bought a fucking toaster."
by ws January 19, 2004
A non-contributing adult.
A deadbeat is an adult, age 18 or older, who is not going to school, living with parent(s) or friend(s), is not working or looking for a job and does not help out with household or yard work chores.
by gwj August 09, 2007
Someone who doesn't pay their bills, screws up their credit, and then blames everyone else for their problems.
Vance and Toya Lackey
by Andrew (their ex-landlord) July 28, 2004
usually describes a father who dosent pay his child support

also can describe a low class male , a broke male, cheap ass foodstamp collector, a inferior male
( cant get with no deadbeat ass )
by big boz February 25, 2005
A deadbeat is a person over the age of 18 with no direction, no job, no ambition. taking a shower daily is a huge accomplishment! A deadbeat doesn't want to work, yet still try and convince young gulliable girls that he does. He will spend their money, and make them work while they play video games. They make other's feel sorry for their deadbeat asses because they talk a good story. Deadbeats do not pay their own way. They sponge off their families, their friends, and any other person dumb enough to give them money. They are a lethal cancer to everyone near them.
You know who you are...you deadbeat!!!

You stay home and play video games, deadbeat!
You eat Taco Bell for dinner..deadbeat!
You drink Dr. Peper ....deadbeat!
You have no gas( that goes in a car)..deadbeat!
You have no job( thus, why you are a deadbeat).
You have no education( thus, why you have no job)
You have no life!
by the deadbeats girlfiends mom.. December 21, 2009
A sorry ass man who won`t step up to the plate and be a daddy!
Is Tyrone paying child support for his baby?

You know his dead beat ass ain`t paying shit!
by Breanna June 14, 2006
A parent or someone who calls themself a parent who does nothing for their children/child, yet calls themself the childs parent.
June is a dead beat parent and always will be.
by dadkjfa August 19, 2010
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