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When one is too sexy it makes the viewer drop dead.
"Wow, don't look! It's dead sexy!"
"Check out the ass on that one!"
"Damn man, he's almost as dead sexy as that other guy."
by Onewinged_ March 03, 2004
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Someone who makes you drop dead just looking at their sexiness.
DAMN, I almost passed out when I saw Billie Joe Armstrong at the Green Day concert. He is dead sexy!!
by Jessi ~BillieJoe'sSexSlave~ April 04, 2005
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A person in Which is extremely sexy
o my goodness Cindy did u see Cody yesterday? He looked sooo fuckin dead sexy!!
by Jazy (Jabber Jaws) December 28, 2004
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(Dehd Seh-see) A term used to denote a high level of physical beauty. Beauty that could potentially lead unwary parties into deadly situations.

***Note: When used by a man in reference to himself may also denote a high level of interest in men.
Man: That chick is dead sexy. (That lady over there is highly attractive in my opinion.)

Man: I'm the definition of dead sexy. (I may be interested in other men.)
by Mrs. Mountain October 17, 2009
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The indentation at the waist on a man that has a well-defined chset/lower torso.
Man, those Abercrombie models always have super hot dead sexys!

by Kelly Campbell June 11, 2007
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usually a jock who has a nice ass and big muscles
That kid on the football team Kevin is dead sexy
by kaitee July 26, 2005
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