Siting in the bath masterbating using your stomach muscles rather than your arm muscles. A helmet is required for safety.
To do Dead Fishing you sit in the bath, place your hand on your penis and using your stomach you sit up and down to masterbate.
by Eagle ridge chair lift March 03, 2012
Top Definition
to flop your penis and balls back and forth making the sound of slapping much like a dead fish slapping and object
Dude I was over Mark's last night and he was asleep so I turned on the lights and started dead fishing until his mom walked in. It was like flop flop flop/
by Willy Phister October 25, 2009
the act of being in an intoxicated state and wanting to find a dead fish to put in a hated one's yard to stink it up
Erin: "Hey Jen, I'm drunk and I really want to get revenge on Tyler for cheating on me."

Jen: "We should go dead fishing!"

Erin: "You're right! We should! If we throw it on his roof it will stink up his yard faster and it will be harder to find."
by Tangled23 October 26, 2011
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