In case you don't feel like reading all the babble up there, a dead horse when said in a forum means that the topic has been done so many times before- so be more original k?
This horse has been beaten so many times, it's already dead.
by Nycus March 12, 2005
Top Definition
Military term for an issue that has been adressed over and over and over again. Comes from the expression ”You’re beating a dead horse.”, meaning that talking about the issue is not going to change anything so drop it.

Dead horse can also be used to describe words such as 1337, emo, and townie. There are already hundreds of similar defs for those terms, enough already their dead horses, stop beating them and move on.
Captain Snuffy - “Men, I’ve called this meeting here today to stress to you the importance of cleanliness in the barracks and to discuss the upcoming deployment to Iraq. Soldiers need to sweep out their rooms daily and...”
(2 hours later)
..and also I would like to be informed in writing when the troops have taken out the trash in the recreation room, and"
Sergeant – "SIR, WE’VE GOT IT!! It’s a dead freaking horse can we move on to other issues now?"
by Trav October 27, 2004
Having sex with someone after they have passed out.
She was just laying there so I had no choice but to dead horse.
by fjaooz October 02, 2003
Australian rhyming slang for "tomato Sauce"
oi macka, give us some of that dead horse for me pie
by Jambles June 28, 2006
in the salvage trade a dead horse is something you got for little or nothing because the former owner really wanted to get rid of it. a pallet of computer monitors the bank gave away is a dead horse. the trick is to sell the best parts as horse meat, the not so best parts as dog food,and give the rest away before it starts to stink and you have to pay to dispose of it. making money on dead horses is a skill that takes years to learn.
old computer parts,old computer monitors(disposal costs), paint (disposal costs), anything that you have to pay to get rid of. i got a load of paint for $1 a can. i hope the paint is useable, or that dead horse will really stink.
by knowman March 01, 2008
Sticking your dick in a chick who is passed out.
"You should have seen the bittie I deadhorsed last night, she was so passed out!
by Bob Peach November 23, 2005
A name for a person who declines an invitation to a social situation or event, without a valid excuse. Usually occurs when someone is invited out but decides to stay in for the night simply because they are "kind of tired".
Mike: Hey Brad I'm on my way I'll be at your place in 20 mins to start pregaming.

Brad: Where is Will? I thought he said he was coming?

Mike: Nah he is being a dead horse. He decided to stay in by himself and solojerk to Netflix instead. F him

Brad: F it
by Skydiver November 19, 2014
Having sex with a limp penis
I couldn't get hard so I had to dead horse it in.
by Cwismang September 29, 2010
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