A dead cock is the meaning for having a very sore penis. It can happen from the following.

1. Have sex so many times in 1 day.

2. Getting punched/kicked in the penis.

3. Masturbating a lot.
1. ''Hmmmm, oooowww. Fuck man! that bitch road me all night!''

2. ''I got the most deadest cock ever!, gorge is going around punching people in the cock, watch out dude.''

3. ''Wow, i never knew you could get a dead cock from masturbating a lot!, well fred don't try to wank(masturbate) 50 times in one day.I'll be out of juice the next month.''
fred: ''Hahaha, iv'e had that same experience before''
by adam096 December 21, 2009
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