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To remove evidence of a skank or slut having been someone. eg: living somewhere, or partying at your house.
Yeah now that she has moved out I have to de-skankify her old room.
by fobzwonkle April 04, 2010
To take a girl that dresses like a skank and rudely fix the way they are dresses.
Ex. If i girl is walking arond with her shirt pulled up, you go pull it down for her.
Look at that chick with her shirt pulled up to her boobs, she needs a deskankify
by Tm808 November 10, 2011
The process of removing skank (s) from objects that were formerly desirable. IE, skanks on hoods of classic cars.
Dude, that Chevelle would be kickass if someone would deskankify it.
by BLFB April 03, 2010
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