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To get the hell out of a given situation
Our exes walked into the restaurant so my friend and I had to de ass ourselves outta there!

The cops crashed the party so I de assed myself to a safer place.

Some guy brought a bomb to the bar so we had to de ass the area.

I am way to drunk so am gonna de ass myself home...

I am tired of the city so I am gonna de ass myself somewhere else
by cityguychicago August 12, 2009
Deass: To exit or leave any given place.
I'm glad this shift is just about over, I'm ready to deass this place.
by vernon February 02, 2004
To vacate an area completely of all humans, usually rapidly and in response to an emergency situation.

etymology: "de-" (prefix, "remove") + "ass" = "get everyone's asses out of here"
When the bomb threat came, everyone was in a big hurry to deass the area.
by tora321 June 03, 2010
To exit a place or situation very quickly so things wont go badly.
"dude, when that girls boyfriend came home early, i had to de-ass the house!!"
by ninja foot 28 May 08, 2009
Removing one's backside from something.
You need to de ass that chair, I was sitting there first!
by toniwithaneye October 09, 2006
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