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a term that was created by Carlos Mencia to make fun of dumbasses, but lately many people in high schools especially think its cool to go around saying "de de dee" to anythingy that they find stupid or humorous
Dumbass1: "FUCK! i just ran into that pole!"
Dumbass2: "de de dee"
Passerbye "you're gay"
#dumbass #retard #faggot #cumsucker #carlos mencia
by jim t. cuntsenberger October 21, 2005
Duh, in the way of Carlos Mencia's show Mind of Mencia. Whenever something seems retarted, you should say this
"If you are a dee, please don't marry a dee, it's genetics dont you see, your kids will be de de dees." De De Dee!!
#duh #retarted #idiot #durrrrrrrrr #imbassile
by gumnariga July 02, 2007
Luis Moreno
Every question Luis Moreno asks should be answered with a de de dee action.
#duh #seriously? #shut up don't ever talk again #collin murphy #dag out
by Mr. Kustos March 31, 2011
A De De Dee Is A Stupid, Dumb Persom
There Was This De De Dee Who Couldn't Get A Job Because He Was Such A De De Dee.
#a #is #person #stupid #dumb
by PittPenz May 24, 2008
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