Drop Dead Gorgeous
Holy crap cherie, you're ddg
by mydearjuliet1 October 04, 2010
Top Definition
Drop dead gorgeous
Beautful beyond words
by Droffilc June 11, 2004
Drop Dead Gorgeous

An absolutely amazingly dazzlingly beautiful girl!

read - my girl friend :)
She is ddg!
Hey ddg, how you doin ?
by arsalan.pk November 20, 2006
DDG = Drop Dead Gorgeous

A very hot person. Can refer to either a male or female.
Kirsty is DDG. She has large boobs and a pretty face.

Matt is DDG. He's got a large penis and good abs.
by Rah bla bla bla blaaaaa March 06, 2009
To address one fine ass lookin female or ho as DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous), to which her response is "oh, im dead"!
Pimp: All my sexy ho's in here are lookin DDG tonight.
Ho's: oh, im dead!
by pimpinhosinreno April 28, 2007
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