acronym for Dashboard Confessional: the Bestest Band ever.
I am going to the DC concert in Vegas on June 5!!
by eMiLy >3 May 22, 2004
Sticking your hand in a dogs anus and proceeding to jack off with it while with your other hand (preferably the left) shoving pennies in your buttocks for later use.
"Yo man, I DCed last night, It was awesome!"
by Dennis Paang May 07, 2007
D.C (the dick check)
when a woman usually a cougar or slut gropes a mans crotch with intent to see how big is dick is.
That little slut just did a D.C. on me.
Hey girls I did a D.C. and his Dick is huge.
by kennclie April 01, 2016
DC stands for Don't Care
I dc.
DC about her.
by Leighton4211 March 24, 2016
Hey man, what happen! I see you log out!
Yes, sorry. I got dc.
by xXluxorXx June 08, 2015

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