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dblogging - Similar to drunk dialing, drailing, drunk emailng however in this instance the dblogger, after many drinks, decides to post messages on any particular message board, forum, face book or blog site. The clear indicators of dblogging are spelling and grammar errors, posting times that are post-2:00am, bizarre rants or otherwise unusual behaviour for this person.
Jimmy went home after the bar and proceeded to defamate himself by dblogging on his facebook message board (at 3:15am) calling out some of his friends, pointing out their short-comings and lowering his apparent education level by at least 3 grades but failing to use punctuation, correct spelling or completing sentences. Jimmy also lost control of his caps lock key. Jimmy responded later by apologizing and blaming a combination of Vodka and Sleeping pills for his out of character actions.
by The Only Chad May 09, 2008
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