A poor quality illegal D.V.D bought from a oriental women resulting in the above pronounciation.
Would you like buy D.B.D?
by Oliver Smith March 31, 2007
Top Definition
Literally meaning Don't be Dumb. Typically used in reference to an absurd apology.
Darlene: "I'm so sorry I got drunk last night and danced with that guy instead of talking to you..."

Linda: "DBD, atleast you got some."
by Chunkers28 April 24, 2007
Death Before Dishonor. This term is used a lot in New York.
"You my boy for life, DBD always."
by Nazie November 05, 2006
"Dead Beat Dad" i.e. a father who does not pay child support
He hasn't made one chuld support payment. He's a DBD.
by <no name> May 03, 2008
Designated Baby Daddy. The man you half jokingly made up in your mind as soon-to-be father of your children.
"You're totally going to be my DBD.. designated baby daddy!"
by AW35OM3 March 12, 2014
Noun; a Dine, Bitch, and Ditch female
Guy: Yeah, she's just a DBD, no big deal. I'll wine, dine, and do her. But the minute she starts to bitch, I ditch.
by BrosUnited December 08, 2013
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