Someone with red/ish hair but no freckles or pale skin. The only redheads who can stand sunlight.
- Dude, he's a redhead but his skin doesn't burn when exposed to the sun, wtf?

-I know, he's a daywalker!
#daywalker #ginger #gingerkid #sun #burn
by Philippe Lavoie June 04, 2007
n. DEY-waw-ker. A fan of a college football team who never attended the primary college they root for in real life
In Florida, if you are missing teeth, you live in a trailer, or your attire of choice is jorts, you most likely cheer on UF or FSU, when obviously you could not have gotten an education from these schools, much less a high school diploma. But never the less, you sport your jorts and holey Gator shirt with pride, daywalker, this PBR is for you.
#jorts #uf #fsu #pbr #daywalker #day walker #football
by ivy_c87 October 15, 2010
A person with red hair but without freckles, without pale skin, or with dark eyes.
They, unlike gingers, do have souls.

Also spelled day walker.
No, Matt's not a ginger. He has brown eyes, so he's a daywalker.
#ginger #red head #day walker #soul #freckles
by Nyiramachabelli April 30, 2009
A walker of the day. Someone who has a strict sleep schedule that prohibits them from staying up late.
Pat: "Is Joe going to come out with us tonight?"
Tom: "No he fell asleep at 7am."
Pat: "What a day walker!"
#opposite of vampire #creature of the day #boring as hell #bland #poosty maclacha
by DeWordSupplyA June 13, 2009
A red haired person who has dark skin then a ginger and does not have freakles.
I am daywalker because I have red hair and tan skin
#ginger #daywalker #flamer #firecrotch #redhead
by Kyle Cochlin February 19, 2009
Half ginger. They have red hair but don't have freckles or pale.
Don't talk to him, he's a daywalker. And daywalkers are half ginger theirselves
#ginger #freckles #freckels #red hair #gross
by chrissyyyyy October 01, 2007
A male who seeks to acquire woman's attention (usually sexually) during the daytime hours rather than at nightly social events.
Cupid is a daywalker. He constantly hits up all my friends during the day to get them to chill or party instead of going to class.
#creeper #daywalking #stalker #womanizer #dabbler
by Schmitt Happenz December 21, 2008
a hooker that works the corners in the morning; thus being a diurnal subspecies of their normally nocturnal kind. Unfortunately, because the night does not mask their usually trashy appearance, and that men are less prone to drunkeness in the daytime, they are quickly becoming endangered.
the ho's at Main Street San Diego are daywalkers.
#hooker #daywalker #corner #pimp #prostitute
by John Salamat July 10, 2008
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