Someone with red/ish hair but no freckles or pale skin. The only redheads who can stand sunlight.
- Dude, he's a redhead but his skin doesn't burn when exposed to the sun, wtf?

-I know, he's a daywalker!
by Philippe Lavoie June 04, 2007
Half Ginger kid (from the television show South Park). They have red hair but no freckles.
Kyle Broflovski from South Park is one of those day walkers.
by Alex K Miller November 12, 2005
Person who is spun out on Sleepwalker pills
"Dude, if you keep eating those pills, you'll end up being a Daywalker!"
by DUBSTEP_JEDI July 05, 2016
When a person with Ginger Vitus can walk in the sun with out damaging there skin
"OMG look at those ginger kids in the sun. They must be day-walkers.
by Notposs January 28, 2006
A word used by someone who sleeps from dawn until late afternoon and doesn't leave the house until dark, (Usually related to heavy drinking the prior evening) to describe responsible people who do things on Saturday. This can also be used by someone who works third shifts.
Rob - I'm exhausted.
Ben - Dude you slept all day.
Rob - Nah, the Day Walkers cleaning house at noon, I just laid in bed with the shutters drawn.

Ben - I'm going to help Greg work on his car tomorrow.
Rob - that won't happen, he's a Day Walker.
by BennyFresh January 13, 2012
One who is a ginger, but can also travel in the daylight with no negative side effects except for being ridiculed by others for being a ginger.
What is SSG Johnson doing in the sun? He must be a daywalker.
by SPC Brown August 06, 2011
a redhead that can go to the beach & be the least sunburnt, can have a few freckles & can tan (somewhat)
they are less prone than pale & freckley redheads to sunburn, are not covered in freckles but may still have a few, just like a normal person
im a daywalker because i have redhair but tanned (somewhat, cmon guys light brown not full brown) body & a slighty pink and freckely face
look over at that redhead, gosh is that a spray tan? no? they must be a day walker (or hair dye haha)
day walkers are cool
by ashwee September 26, 2006
1. A ginger with red hair and no freckles
2. A ginger who can go out in the sun
3. A person without a soul (zombie who walks among people)
Mike: Dude we should tell Ron to be careful at the beach.

Jack: Don't worry, he's a day walker.
by blackjack3420 May 07, 2009
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