You would use this interjection when you see a fine piece of ass. As this girl walks past you, you must lean back and exclaim this this phrase with impeccable timing. This is especially useful after watching a fine lady such as Danielle Conklin pass by.
DAYUM DConk! Since when were u so hot?!
by Lou March 02, 2006
a word that black kids (and white kids who copy everything black people say) use to sound like a over annunciated word of "damn." Usually used when somethings extremely exciting or calls for an out burst of "DAYUMMM" instead of just damn.
1.DAYUMMMMM tht gurll is fineee as heeellll.
2.DAYUM i just spilled muhh drinkk.
by lalalyrrgaay December 21, 2008
the word "Damn" spoken in proper southern dialect
Day-um child, don chou know better than ta gitch yo ass caught by the po-lece?
by grkdaisy February 09, 2003
The fifth level of fatness, as defined by Gabriel Iglesias.
There are six level of fatness:
- Big
- Healthy
- Husky
- Fluffy
- Hell no!
by joveeno November 10, 2011
An expression used when you see an extremely good looking person

A slang expression of the word "damn"

Commonly used when a male is describing a hot girl who may walk past
Dayummmm! Jamie is hot, his girlfriend Rachael is so lucky"

"Jamie is dayum fine!"

Rachaels ex boyfriend Matt is unlucky..she is dayuumm fine
by Nemes October 07, 2010
It basically means the word 'Damn' but it's spelt how you would pronounce it.
*Hot girl walks past*

Guy: Dayum!


*Chatting on social networking site*

Guy1: Did you see 'So+so's' profile picture?

Guy2: Yeah!

Guy1: Dayum, she's hot!
by urbandictionaryisdon August 26, 2011
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