The best guy ever, Not to metion he's fucking hot.
by Cartahhh November 22, 2009
1. a male who is hilariously witty and sometimes oblivious.

2. a name that has combined the letters in the alphabet perfectly to create a word that girls find extremely attractive.
1. Wow, Dayton made the funniest joke the other day! Then he stared off into space for 1/2 an hour...

2. Dude! You got girls hanging off you all the time! You're totally a Dayton
by DRmastermind April 09, 2010
The nicest boy you know, always there to make you laugh, you probably want to date him, but he's mine :]

He's sweet, nice, adorable, and hot.

Best guy in the world :D
by IGORAWRR(: January 13, 2010
Small town of Dayton, Washington. A place where The Crazies could have possibly been filmed. Contains only one street light that most of the time doesn't work. People there are all whores. They cheat on their husbands and get divorces, and then just go hang out in the bar because of their miserable lives. Teen pregnancies are very high because most students just drop out of high school in their class of 28. Why would you go to college? There's plently of farmland, and plenty of penises to ride with plenty of hairy beer bellies attached. But there are some good sides to it. The hills are pretty.
"So you're from Dayton? Does that mean you live on a farm?"
"No you dumbass."
"So you're pregnant?"
"No you dumbass."
"So you've done nothing with your life?"

Dude, Dayton sucks.
by barbra manitee. April 12, 2011
A small city in Ohio, located in Montgomery County and is associated with the "Rust Belt" of the mid-west. Dayton wants so bad to be like Columbus and Cincinnati that it embraces its high crime rate, but refuses to add anything of value to draw economic growth.

It is home to wannabe "gangstas", pretentious wannabe "big city" dwellers and abandoned houses and factories.
Biff: "Well, tonight Madison and I shall be dinning at Jay's"
De' Travion: "Boy you be thirsty, cuz me n my boyz gone steal yo ride, bitch..."
Dan: "God help me...I have to get out of Dayton"
by Rule303 March 02, 2011
A city in southwestern Ohio whose sole positive attribute is it's large human negative divergence.
Dayton, the center of recovered farmland
by jimmy_the_geek April 02, 2011
Dayton is the hottest man on the face of this earth.
He has the biggest dick,abbiest abs,and sexiest bod.
To bad hes not yours.
hes madalyns.
Madalyn:Hey katie look at that sexy sexy man over there.
Katie:omg,look at his weiny!He must be a dayton:D
by Lezbin April 09, 2011

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