a small town located between Houston and Beaumont. Most of the girls are sluts and get pregnant before graduating high school. The guys are all players and there are very few couples that last longer than a year. half the high school thinks they're in a gang, but they're just wanna-be's. well known for their highschool football team-BEASTS.
That is so dayton, tx.
by daytonperson April 28, 2011
A small hick town east of Houston, Tx where basically no one has real lives so they resort to whoring themselves around. Theres a lot of people that don't take showers and some of the girls vaginas smell like rotten fish. Most of the guys there are class A jerks that think they're to good for their own shit. Let's just say that if this town had a local adoption center, it'd be rich. Whenever the school has a dress up day and the day is cowboy boots; the clothes stay the same.
"Where's Dayton, Tx at?"

"You don't want to go there, it's just so Dayton."
by Bang me hard October 23, 2011

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