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Home to the sensational Dayton Family rap group. This is a street in Flint, Michigan which is home to the highest crime area in the city.
I was on Dayton Avenue and I got shot.
by bri-face January 18, 2008
The most fucked up elementary school in Long Island. Filled with wanna be gangster sixth graders and poor dressers. The school is dirty as the janitors are lazy, especially the head janitor, Isaac, who's hobbies include stalking children and pranking lunch ladies. If your looking for just another way to fuck up your child for life, send them to Dayton.
Annoying Kid 1: "Let's all go to Bounce-N-Play cuz we're gangsta."
Annoying Kid 2: "Yaw, man. I can show off my new Nikes. They cost $20!!!!!!"
Annoying Kid 1: " WOAH, MAN. You are rich!!!!"
Annoying Kid 2:"Yaw, man. That's why I go to DAYTON AVENUE!!!"
by Daytoner February 02, 2011
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