Best game;Way better than that noob game jack, Scott, and Mike play
Scoot says Noobiestrike is better thasn Day of Defeat, when hes never played it.
by Sclass12 October 19, 2003
a HL MOD that PWNS UR MOTHER! roxors many other nub mods like counter-strike ,tfc, and dmc ect. dont buy dod retail cause if u do ur teh flamez!Buy reg HL and download the mods ;-).
I went to the store and bought half-life instead of the retail mods, becuase i am not a nub.
by Beast November 14, 2003
see half-life.
After hot gay anal I enjoy to play day of defeat.
by god 2.0 March 02, 2003
A game in which someone from the opposing team kills u, and u call them a "haxor" see definition "haxor"
U killed me in DoD, ur gay, and u hax.. im going to demo u fag..
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
a hl mod that was at one time good before it was fucked over by DOD 1.0. counterstrike still owns faces.
i used to play DOD back in the betas when it was good now i may ass well give it the ol' cleveland steamer
by brian April 06, 2004
A game that newbs that get owned in CS, resulting in them uninstalling the game with the excuse "I know everyone hax" "Community is so immature" "Everyone is mean to me", play.
"yo you wanna go to a cyber cafe?"
"yeah sure, CS?"
"hell yea"
by Mr. Hello March 04, 2005
All you ignorant DoD zealots now are officially cocksuckers. Call Of Duty just came out and it is WAY better and isn't built on an engine programmed by a team of plankton.
Day Of Defeat is now officially DEAD!
by Elitist January 19, 2004

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