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One who spends their day ignoring all around them. They usually have a fucked up life outside of their day dreams and feel the need to escape to a reality of their own.These day dreamers seem weird to people, somewhat like an outsider, because they dont willingly participate in social events. They are normally left alone even though they may need someone to come up and give them a reason not to have to day dream anymore, and actually get out there and enjoy their life for once. They day dream because what is actually happens is nothing compared to what they can conjure up in their imaginations.
The girl sat in the back of the class, in a desk of her own. Nobody talked to her, so she started to day dream. In her mind she was taken far away where nobody could hurt or bother her. Somewhere where she could belong.

She was a day dreamer............
by The girl with no face January 03, 2010
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The name for the Adele fandom. This name was originally created by forum members on August 27, 2011. Adele acknowledged this name and said she "loves that you call yourselves that" in her blog entry posted on February 14, 2012.
Person: Why are you all so obsessed with Adele?
Daydreamer: Because we're Daydreamers, duh."
by ss21 November 23, 2013
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The noun form of Daydream

A girl in perpetual search of true love .............. and Blue Truth
Daydreamer - When she opens and finds it, she will blossom like a flower
by Alec_EG July 07, 2011
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to want what you can't have
I'm such a day dreamer!I always think about Tom Delonge being my man!
by Squeegee721 July 07, 2008
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Being a huge fan of the British singer Adele.If you are a Daydreamer,you know all Adele's songs,you say Delly instead of Adele,you are mainly involved into Adele's life and her family.A Daydreamer cares about Adele and wants to know more from her.We adore her Cockney accent and she laughs aloud.
Daydreamer 1: Adele won another award!!
Daydreamer 2: Oii Ooii!She's bloody fairly amazing,we miss you Delly!!

Daydreamer: It's time for RAFH!!

Daydreamer: I love my Daydreamers family!!
by DellyKonecki January 09, 2013
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