A 24 OZ beverage usually beer in the can.
Morpheus needed to get drunk in a hurry so he purchased 4 days from the liquor store
by Double Bs April 18, 2008
Adjective used to describe something of great quantity, extent, or duration.

Also, an adverb used to modify an adjective such as long or many.
Was she cute?
Dude, she was days cute.

Do you want to go to the lake Saturday?
No man, I can't. I've got days worth of studying to do.

She looks days skanky wearing all that makeup.
by johntex December 08, 2004
As used in the phrase "back in the day", this means October 9, 1979
Back in the day, punk was raw.
by mandingoe May 18, 2004
slang expression for "die", often pronounced as "deigh"
Ya gonna day, maan! Whoatch out nekks thaym.
by BulligerVerstand December 29, 2006
Day After Yesterday, one of the greatest bands.
Day owns your life, they are cool.
by Giovanni October 04, 2004
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