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davina means divine in spanish and in english it means a bad ass chick that every one wants to be
davina that awsome chick
by french frie December 02, 2006
A charming girl who could cast a love spell on any one she wants. People can open up and tell their secrets without a worry.

Very calm and down to earth until something strikes them like a match and the fire starts and thats when they become dangerous.

Women and men really tend to get attached onto Davinas and want them around, always.
I can really trust you, you're like a Davina.

"dude i fell in love with her in one second"
"dam her name is probably Davina'
by darthvader500 September 08, 2011
Davina is a girls name, it also means Divine in Spanish. The boys version of it is Dave or David. Davina is a beautiful and pretty name. Loads of very beautiful girls would love to have the name, It's not that popular as it used to be in the U.S America. It goes with loads of double barrell names like: Davina-Rose, Davina-Rae, Davina-May and etc.
That girl is beautiful! She must be a Davina
by GreenApplesxo January 26, 2014
Davina is a street name among friends for Weed.
So you can have a full conversation about getting high and picking up in public , in a taxi infront of parents etc without worrying about them knowing you're talking about drugs.

Example " what time you picking up davina? " oh im meeting her at 8ish"
" you should come round to mine tonight and spend some time with me and davina?"....etc

Variations - Paloma , diana and more every session
wow davina smelt good last night
by Spanish bull February 14, 2011
Damp Ass Vagina

a Dank Ass Vagina.
a Damp Vagina
"Yo, You still fucking kevin's mom?"

"Yeah man, she's still got that Davina."
by WakeyJ November 29, 2013
A fat indian pornstar who stalks hot men. One of many hobbies is to fart into a box and save the smell for her lovers.
Person 1: Dude how your night?!
Person 2: Shit man I had this obese chick that stalked me all night.
Person: DAMN!!! Looks like you got attacked by a Davina.
by WhatchaSay009 November 11, 2010
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