someone that knows it all. someone with too much useless knowledge.
To be used as an insult.

named after the host of The nature of things with david suzuki. a world renowned environmental scientist
"you know that theres global warming"

"right on, david suzuki."
feel free follow up with douche bag.
by s|ade April 12, 2005
Top Definition
David Suzuki is a Canadian geneticist, host of the CBC's Nature of Things, and one of the most trusted activists in the environmental movement. However, his support of the anthropogenic global warming theory, corporate sponsorship, doomsday predictions, and aversion to debate suggest that he is a self-serving junk scientist.
David Suzuki scared me into becoming an environmental scientist and now I know he's full of shit.
by notatard October 21, 2007

Term named after the Canadian environmentalist and celebrity
David Suzuki.

The term refers to simply NOT FLUSHING THE TOILET after taking a piss.

By not using excess water from multiple flushes, one can 'save the planet' one piss at a time.

This often results in acrid bog water. The likes of which can sting the nostrils if strong enough.
Whoa, whoa, don't flush that just yet...I'm pullin' a David Suzuki.
by Dekkoy March 02, 2009
The environmentally conscious fellow who reusues condoms for more than one use in attempt to lessen the amount garbage he produces on a weekly basis. By reducing his sum latex waste, this fellow can not be blamed for the deaths of many innocent animals at the hands of a one-use condom.
Kate: That Frank, he is such a great guy!
Liz: Why's that?
Kate: He cares so much about our environment! He recycles everything! He is a true David Suzuki!
by Old King Clancy April 21, 2009
An excellent Canadian environmentalist, advocate for the Earth, very intelligent.
Without David Suzuki, we'd be totally screwed.

Yay, David!
by Joel67 April 22, 2005
The man. The best Canadian scientest ever. Genetecist and enviornmentalist. To be used as a complement....or as sexual adverb. (Sexual adverb was ispired by tree-hugging)
That kid is such a David Suzuki (as a complement)
Ohh gimmie a David Suzuki! (sexual adverb)
by Maengun_Odayin (Heather V!) February 07, 2010
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