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(1950s and 1960s) - The act of being in the company of someone of the opposite sex in a social situation. An ancient ritual baby boomer humans used to find a permanent life mate.
(2000s) - A term to describe a relationship involving sex; fucking
(1965)- Mother: "Are you dating anyone?"
Daughter: "Not really, Mom. I have
too much homework."
(2005)- Mother: "Are you dating anyone?"
Daughter: "A couple Harley guys."
Mother: "Do you need more condoms?"
by piwiz August 08, 2008
What I don't do or ever will because women can't stand my presence. A complete waste of time for someone actually wanting to get in a serious relationship with someone. Nothing but an act between two fake people trying to put their best foot forward and impress each other so they can potentially jump each other's bones. In Western culture dating is a precursor to marriage but, ironically, will do no more for you in getting to know a person than watching a sport on tv will make you a professional ballplayer. It's also an incredible waste of time because getting together for a romantic rondezvous or outing will do next to nothing in making you connect emotionally or spiritually.

Dating is a new phenomenon and didn't come around until the mid to late 20th century. Before the era of dating, a couple would often "court" each other or marriages were even prearranged. If one is religious, especially with someone who practices Christianity, dating is NOT Biblical because not only does dating usually result in heartache when the two persons involved go their seperate ways, but there is no comitment between the two parties. It was never practiced for cultural reasons. For Christians, dating is not Biblical because God himself does not want people to experience the emptiness and heartache it often brings. For the secular world, however, dating is as normal as taking a nap.

Dating CAN lead to marriage but usually doesn't, unlike courting.
Dating is pointless in my opinion. It usually doesn't work and is a futile effort in actually getting to know someone on an emotional or spiritual level. Dating is stupid!
by krock1dk March 06, 2008
When two people go somewhere on a romantic visit.
Sheila is dating Kevin.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
one who take the long approach at getting laid, in the attempt to convince the other partner they care, giving them more freedom in the sack
After dating the blonde for 2 weeks, she allowed me to put it anywhere....What a deal!
by MikeL August 17, 2003
Another word to describe fucking.
"So who are you dating?"

"You know half the guys on campus." "And you?"

"Oh some guy I picked up at the dry cleaners"
by Brother Al JW March 24, 2008
a pit stop before sex
lets go out dating and after come back to my place
by Serbprince September 21, 2006
When two people have been together for 2+ years.
Yo, 2 years? They're totally dating.
by Ultraman3000 September 24, 2010