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Legalized whoredom. Spending thousands of your hard earned on restaurants, jewelry, teddy bears etc. in return for five lousy minutes of sex.
Dating: No pay, no lay.
by A.D. Hates You November 02, 2007
Dangling your highly elaborately decorated, and sometimes scented, rod into the sea, in the hope of catching a date (of the dried prune variety or otherwise)
I've just upgraded my rod to a bigger one. DO you think it will help me to get more dates?
by misskathica August 19, 2003
An absolute waste of time. The early stages of a inevitiblly-doomed relationship where two insecure people waste their time by puting on a fake act for the intent of impressing someone you don't like very much or not compatible with. It often ends in an ugly manner when you meet someone else you like better.

I don't do it because I don't like the headache it causes. I just want to meet a girl and court her until we are married. Dating is an absolute waste of time for me.
Dating is a 20th Century phenomenom and an absolute waste of time.
by krock1dk December 04, 2007
for men = sex

for women = love
for men = No baby, I mean... I love you and everything.

for women = Say you love me...
by Nelly Jelly February 10, 2004
(verb) - Having your cake and your cookies and a buffet and McDonald's and a large soft drink too. (MUV version)
When you bring multiple dates to the same party it's called dating.
by PepperLoveStone March 04, 2012
A phrase used as slang for "the thing". It was originaly created in Eastbourne. It is used when somthing is really good... or "da ting"
Person A: Hey, Check this out!
Person B: Man that's Da Ting
by struders February 11, 2011
When two people really like each other, start hanging out with each other, and more of that kind of stuff.
We had been hanging out, but I don't think we are dating yet.
by Canyoudigit November 18, 2013