American definition:
Widespread social practice through which a guy happily whores himself out for a few hours to a costly female in exchange for hopes of getting laid and eventually a lonely night of sexual frustration.

European definition:
Final stage of courting whose female acceptance necessarily leads to bedroom fun in the immediate aftermaths.
“Hey Mike, how was dating last night? – Well the bitch asked for a ride home so I had to finish myself in the bathroom and spend the rest of the night sleeping on the crutch”

“Hey Giorgio, how was your date last night? – Dude, she wouldn’t even let me finish dessert so I took her home and made her bite the pillow until she passed out”

#sexual #frustration #whore #laid #hopes
by rafaleracer March 01, 2006
Dangling your highly elaborately decorated, and sometimes scented, rod into the sea, in the hope of catching a date (of the dried prune variety or otherwise)
I've just upgraded my rod to a bigger one. DO you think it will help me to get more dates?
by misskathica August 19, 2003
An absolute waste of time. The early stages of a inevitiblly-doomed relationship where two insecure people waste their time by puting on a fake act for the intent of impressing someone you don't like very much or not compatible with. It often ends in an ugly manner when you meet someone else you like better.

I don't do it because I don't like the headache it causes. I just want to meet a girl and court her until we are married. Dating is an absolute waste of time for me.
Dating is a 20th Century phenomenom and an absolute waste of time.
#fake #phony #relationship #courting #dishonesty
by krock1dk December 04, 2007
the process by which you decide whether you hate the other person or not
I was dating Brian, but I actually decided that I hated we stopped dating.
#date #going out #seeing #girlfriend #boyfriend
by dating September 30, 2014
When two people really like each other, start hanging out with each other, and more of that kind of stuff.
We had been hanging out, but I don't think we are dating yet.
#dated #relationship #seeing #being with #talking to
by Canyoudigit November 18, 2013
(1950s and 1960s) - The act of being in the company of someone of the opposite sex in a social situation. An ancient ritual baby boomer humans used to find a permanent life mate.
(2000s) - A term to describe a relationship involving sex; fucking
(1965)- Mother: "Are you dating anyone?"
Daughter: "Not really, Mom. I have
too much homework."
(2005)- Mother: "Are you dating anyone?"
Daughter: "A couple Harley guys."
Mother: "Do you need more condoms?"
#fucking #booty call #sex #social relationships #steady
by piwiz August 08, 2008
for men = sex

for women = love
for men = No baby, I mean... I love you and everything.

for women = Say you love me...
by Nelly Jelly February 10, 2004
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