Worst show ever.... and by worst, I mean best.
John: What did you do last night?
Joe: Watch "Date My Mom"!

Liz: Have you heard of "Date my Mom"
Kate: Have I heard of it? I was on it!!
by Joe23423423 April 21, 2006
Top Definition
a "reality" dating show, that has even worse acting and one-liners than all the other shitty MTV dating shows. The object of the show is someone dating the candidates mother, one of which is hotter than their daughter, and one team of girls are insanely fat.
1. MTVeenager- LyKe OmGz Dat mI mOM WuZ S00000000 GooD L4sTN1GhT!11!!11!! LOLERZ
me- *dies*

2. Date My Mom has worse acting than internet hardcore.
by ThroatSlit May 07, 2006
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