Ok.I've just spent about an hour reading all the definitions of Dashboard Confessional.It's amazing how shallow and ignorant people can be towards music.In my opinion, Dashboard Confessional have the most beautiful lyrics.Yes, they are soppy and some even cheesy but they are a breath of fresh air from bands that offend music and write pathetic lyrics about how their hearts are so broken and that they will never be able to forget about this certain person whom they fell in love with.It's pathetic.If you actually take the time to listen to Dashboard's lyrics you will realise they send out a positive message about how life goes on and that eventually, no matter how long it takes you will find your soul mate.Also this "stupid emo deppressing band" as they have been called play acoustic! Yes they are one of the very few bands who can actually sound amazing acoustic. In fact they sound a hell of alot better in their acoustic songs than in songs such as "Vindicated".Instead of calling Chris Carabarra a depressed,suicidal emo grow a backbone, listen to their lyrics and realise Chris Carabarra is a modern day poet whom likes to express his feelings and the album in which he wrote is about todays superfical societys where things that are "looked" down upon are on a pedestal and that everyone wants something for nothing.In this day in age it seems impossible to be able to express deep feelings in the form of poetry with out being called an "Emo".If you disagree with me why listen to their music? Why bother writing a definition for them? Why even take an intrest in them? Im sure things would be different if Dashboard Confessional were fronted by some blonde bimbo slut who's skirt is about the length of her intelligence.
"Hope dangles on a string
Like slow spinning redemption
Winding in and winding out
The shine of it has caught my eye." - Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional.
by Laurrren August 05, 2008
"Did you hear that new Dashboard Confessional song?"
"Yes, I did."
by izalex August 21, 2003
SHIT. their lyrics suck. Jesus, I feel gay just thinking about them.
Gay guy: listen to this DC cd
regular guy: sure buddy
gay guy: isn't this great
regular guy: ...*gurgling
The regular guy dies because of massive blood loss from the ears.
by Erasmus March 27, 2005
The emo shit band that converts straight men into complete homosexuals. They try to sing about love and compassion but come off as homosexual children that whine about the world's stupidest shit. Guess they can't be the beatles, eh?
Dashboard confessional reminds me about how our culture has degenerated into this load of shit.
by Merlin122 October 23, 2004
pussies who cry and whine about their girlfriend dumping them and not getting any pussy
music isn't muysic unless its fueled by pussified fags on estrogen
by dyke November 09, 2004
LykE OmG 2 EMo 4 MeEEEEE

BetTER AdD TheM TO My PLAYlist

Emo BOIz ArE 2 CooL
I wAnT one!!!

I went to a DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL....and I moshed :D!!!!!
by natasha February 02, 2005
Holy sh*t this band sucks along with all of the others in their genre. When are flip-flop-wearing, angst-ridden suburbanites going to realize that whiny vocals and repetitive power-chord strumming is not real music? Get over your trivial problems, you faggots...I don't care if your dad makes you clean your room or if some chick you think you're in love with likes your best friend. Get a job and stop inspiring more talentless metrosexuals to get together and write bad poetry with big (out of context) words interspersed in elementary sentences. These songs don't make any f*cking sense, and the fact that whole generation thinks that this garbage "speaks to them" is even funnier than the music itself. And please don't say that I don't understand, because you don't either...no one does...it's unintelligible dreck. Period.
Dashboard Confessional is at the vanguard of the emo scene--a disgusting derivative of punk rock.
by God April 18, 2005

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