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Señor Owen
Of Spanish class
Person 1: What is that, gale force winds out there?

Person 2: Nah dude, Señor Owen is behind you.

Person 1: Goddamn he sounds like Darth Vader.

Person 2: Now do you see why we call him Darth Breather.
by Nanna13 November 18, 2009
Adj. a person who breathes so loud, and sounds like Darth Vader while breathing, especially in quiet places.
Michael: Man! I couldn't complete my exam yesterday.
Jeffrey: Why? Was it that hard?
Michael: No, but there was a darth breather behind me.
by Mosen November 16, 2009
One who breathes loudly, sometimes unknowingly, sounding like Darth Vader.
Oct 31.

*Nick walks into room

Nick:Woah! Who's got the Darth Vader costume!?

Henry: Nah...it's just Sergeant Boselly as usual.

Mr. Boselly: Take out section 5.7 of your homework... *hoaaahh hoaah*... That is due today. Of course, ...*hoaaaah hoaaaaahhh*... section 8 is optional. You may turn it in today or tomorrow if you wish...m'kay...

Henry: Yeah...Darth Breather...
by LoganCollegemath November 19, 2009