Contrary to popular belief Darth Vader is really a fairly pitiful villain. When he was young he went by his true name, Annikan Skywalker, and was basically just a pain-in-the-ass crybaby who never really did much besides win a pod race and beat a weak apprentice (Darth Tyranus). He was later defeated by Obi Wan and became a pitiful excuse for a human being. After being rebuilt into a badass looking cyborg who pwned some underlings with the choke(the one truly great thing he did) he was beaten by his son. Basically, he seems like an amazing villain, but if you look close he is nothing much, he just has a great image.
cool things:outfit, breathing, force choke, sounds awesome, wipes out some sand people in rage, force choke(it simply has to be said again, it is truly amazing)

crappy things:beaten by Luke(who was whiney and un-cool), beaten terribly and utterly by Tyranus in Episode II, was second in command to a non-force user on the ship he was on in Episode IV, whines ALL the time and cries as teen Annikan, loses to Obi Wan(and loses most of his limbs), never even becomes a master
by therob June 09, 2005
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Anakin Skywalker's alter ego. Kills his wife, cuts off his son's hand, injects his daughter with galactic heroin, and throws his boss into a reactor trench.
Also killed countless random henchmen.
I wish he was MY dad.
by bigtones October 05, 2004
Once known as Anakin Skywalker, he was turned to the Dark Side of the Force. When Obi-Wan Kenobi tried one final time to turn him back, they battled. During the dual, Anakin was knocked into a pit of molten lava. He emerged as nothing more than an empty human body. He was barely alive. Thus, a big, scary black suit was made that forced him to breathe and took care of his body. Later, he and his son, Luke Skywalkar fought. Near the end of the battle, Luke, in a fit of rage, cut off Vader's right hand and destroyed the control panel on the big black suit. Darth Vader, doomed to die, watched his son being tortured by Emperor Palpatine. Finally, he came to his senses. Emperor Palpatine was hoisted with one hand and launched into the Death Star's reactor core. Anakin Skywalker was reborn in that moment, and he died trusting the good side of the Force. Now an apparition, he watches Luke from afar through all of his adventures.
"The ability to blow up a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force."

"Impressive. Most impressive."

"You are beaten."
- Darth Vader

"Luke... You were right about me... Tell your sister... you were right..."

- Anakin Skywalker's last words
by Keegster April 25, 2003
The coolest cinematic villain in existance, that is until the...what? Padme?

*dramatic pause*

Darth Vader is cool, but uh...just don't talk about Padme...
by Cheesebadger July 02, 2005
The most bad-ass Star Wars character. Once he was a snotty stuck-up brat named Anakin Skywalker (or at least, he was such when he grew up), but after he fell to his doom in molten lava, a kick-ass black suit was made that could preserve his body. Now as the master of the Force, he can choke people using telekinesis, and like Yoda, get all the hoes.
"I didn't raise my son to be a wimp!"
-Darth Vader, after hearing Luke cry
by Dave January 06, 2005
Only the biggest bad ass ever
The dark side is awsome, we got Darth Vader, bitch.
by Matt Gualdarrama May 03, 2005
The most feared Sith lord in the galaxy. Helped the Emperor construct 2 Death Stars and nearly wiped out the Rebels.
Do not fail Lord Vader or you will have your windpipe snapped in two by the Dark Side of the Force.
by Sith April 06, 2003
The best villain (besides Emperor Palpatine) to be on the big screen.
To all you morons out there, it is not Luke, I am your father. It is No, I am your father.
by Emperor Kctine May 25, 2003
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