Thick black rubber marks left by wheelspinning or skidding a powerful car on tarmac
I locked up the wheels and put it through a hedge, the darkies were still there 4 months later
by L September 21, 2003
Top Definition
white people can't call black people darky, but black people can call white people whitey.

talk about fucking equality
black guy- hey whitey!
White guy- hey darky!
black guy- Im taking you to court mother fucker
by Raptor_Man September 04, 2006
derogatory name used for people of the night, a.k.a. coloreds
Operation Human Shield. Send in the Darkies!
by It's Time to Bomb Saddam! February 24, 2003
a black man. not really an insult. pronounced dark-ee
darkies used to be slaves
by Jay May 17, 2003
Too describe dark skinned people in the Caribbean. Not an insult whatsoever in the caribbean its moslty used towards dark skinned black women as a term of endearment. btw no matter what race anybody in the Caribbean can say it.
'Darky where you from' Orlando Octave www.zshare.netaudio/5042450363136596/
by Tiger868 November 06, 2008
A word used by South African's to describe indigenous african people, because they are afraid to use the term "KAFIR"
Wit oke's in S.A. are constantly under threat from the darkies.
by funsa October 14, 2007
A term used by the older generation, due to their socialisation and ignorance, to describe people with dark skin or black people. Not used as a term of mallice, simply due to lack of metropolitan society in the inter war period
Ken: Ooh, i like big brother me, derek's my fave
Grandma: Which one's Derek? He's the err... darkie, is he?
by paulh July 26, 2005
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