A pivot forum known for its high standards. contains elite and veteran animators including TRGG, Jon, Bert, Elmo, p2k, Justin, Gameslave, Lemonade, Stimpy, Sharpshooter, FrozenFire, NMH, Brad, Nev, and many more.
Due to the uprise of Darkdemon, more animators got noticed by people.
by TheCM June 22, 2008
Top Definition
Typically defined as a young, frail European boy who constantly destroys his liver as he wallows in his own sadness because his salt levels are always too high. Comes in various forms: Drunk Demon, Salty Demon, Unsatisfied Demon, and everyone's favorite; Retired Demon.
"I'm going to kill myself for that girl!"
"Oh come on, man, don't be a Dark Demon! You barely met her online!"
by Asstung May 20, 2016
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