Black Dick

The word dark as you know means not lit up or shady and horse is flat out another way to say dick
Last night after we got out from the strip club I got me a dark horse if you know what I'm say in
by Dix sucker 3000 gay af June 16, 2016
A sexual act where one naked man sits on another mans hairy back in the riding position and jerks him off from underneath, and just before climaxing the 'horse' is forced to neigh and the 'jockey' shits all down his back, making a tail.
"Yo Steve we're doing the dark horse tonight."

"Please noo..."

"Please yes big boy"
by JohnEBlaze August 01, 2009
anything mysterious, dangerous, unusual, unexpected, confusing, or sketchy

synonomus with "sketchy"

when you see a man walking around at midnight, you might say that he is a darkhorse, or that the situation is darkhorse because that is an unusual event
basically this word can be used in any form

ex. "that guy is a major darkhorse" (that guy is mysterious)
ex. "that game was so darkhorse" (that game was confusing)
ex. "darkhorse!" (exclaiming that something is sketchy)
by wordwizard01 September 03, 2011
v. the act of engaging in sexual acts with some one who has passed out.

n. a person who darkhorses
"I heard Julie and Marvin had sex last night."

"Actually, Julie was darkhorsed."
by obietrice303 November 13, 2007
A pretty awesome comic book company, responsible for all the Star Wars comic books and graphic novels, among others.
You can pick up Dark Horse comics at your local comic book store.
by Escalus August 27, 2005
A song (a great one too, although not terribly well sung or produced) and the title track of the 1974 Apple album of the same name by the late, great George Harrison. Dark Horse was also the name of the visionary guitarist and composer's record label (distributed by the Brothers Warner), which he recorded seven albums for after leaving Apple (the label the Beatles formed in 1968) in 1976. Harrison himself was also known as the Dark Horse of the Beatles, a reference to a racehorse that people bet little on in the beginning, but who ultimately outshines his competitors in the end. When you have Lennon, McCartney and Martin as your mentors and Clapton, Dylan, and Shankar as three of your best friends, you can't help but radiate brilliance, as George did — and still does. As the Man himself sang:
"I'm a dark horse
Running on a dark race course
I'm a blue moon
Since I stepped out of the womb
I've been a cool jerk
Looking for the source
I'm a dark horse."
by Victor Felix September 20, 2005
The origins of 'darkhorse' are somewhat vague but modern scholars agree it was originally an Essex term.

In it's simplest form it means "to have bum sex"

It is usually abbreviated to "horsey"
I'm just going out to feed the horsey

I can't sit down, I've been riding the darkhorse.

Fancy some horsey?

My dod Charles you are walking oddly tonight. Horsey?
by Natty July 03, 2004
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