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A black woman or man's body. Usually referring to it in a sexual nature, and usually used when talking about his or her private parts, i.e. pussy or dick
Hey baby, do you want some of this dark meat?

John, do you like dark meat?
by dee January 20, 2004
dark brownish-colored private parts (labia, nipples, areolas) appearing on women who are otherwise not "of color."
i really like it when a lighter skinned girl turns out to be packin' some dark meat under her clothes.
by cyrus t. elk April 18, 2009
This refers to the areola of the nipple or the darker area of the breast.
When Denise got out of the pool, she didn't realize her bikini top wasn't on straight and some of her dark meat was showing.
by Kelly S. June 01, 2006
gambling losses. the amount of money you are down. usually used in association with poker.

"Damn i'm down 200 into the dark meat. Jodeezy's probably gonna be getting lap dances on me tonight."
by Playah8ah October 14, 2006
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