A wasteman, trying to be someone he is not. Usually picky, and never likes to accept that he is wrong.
OMG, that guy just won't shut up. He's such a Dario
by JohnKyle April 07, 2015
Darios talk a good game (as you can see right here) but for all the bullshit hype they spin about themselves, the fat ones often harbour creepy tendencies. Just pay attention to the eyes. They probably jerk off over your Facebook page 24/7. They will probably tell you about it too. All along they can pretend to be normal around most people, but inevitably their pedobear, Manson side reveals itself which is why they prowl internet dating sites.
Jamal: Dario is on his juice detox diet again to lose some lard.
Curtis: Oh yeah, but you know what they say. You can lose a few pounds but you can't polish a turd.
Jamal: Ain't that some shit!


Vanessa: That guy is actin all Dario-like again, with just a trench coat on. Damn he's a freak. Probably has OK Cupid.
by Ka Ching June 14, 2013
An absolute arsehole. he will lick any girls arse and talk unbearable amounts of shit to you.
Vickers: did you see James pull that dario last night he completely fucked off to Laurens and told us he was going home
Ashley: what a fucking jebend!
by dirtymelvin May 29, 2011
dario likes to fondle with zac sheffer, gg n00b.
Dario fondles Zac. fondle fondle.
by errk November 05, 2004
a big hairy bitch that likes to fuck emo guys!!
do you have the hots for dario??
by anahi November 01, 2007
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