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The sweetest boy you will ever meet, Dario is one in a million.
Dario my gorgeous boyfriend.
by Laura January 10, 2005
442 135
a handsome Latin man.
Damn, that's one sexy ass Dario!
by Annonymous July 23, 2004
399 191
A very sexy european or latino badboy gentleman with enough game to fill an olympic sized pool and enough class to get a 9.0 GPA.
Every girl wants to end up with a Dario.
by SenorFrijoles November 24, 2009
294 93
cool guy who's sex hungry
I won't be dario around stank pussy.
by jb January 16, 2004
383 230
Darios are playful creatures, they likes teasing other people.
They seem peaceful on the surface but you never know the turmoil going on beneath it. Sometimes is happiness, sometimes is anger, most of the times it just ends up with them being tremendously sexy.
Darios are like rocks, you can rely on them to resist any challenge. Cherish your Dario, they are not easy to replace!
I can't believe I am with a Dario right now, it's simply overwhelming; too much Latino-ess in just one person
by eco_terror February 07, 2010
209 68
an amazing soccer player who always scores and some girls thinks his a lover and has a big dick and the pecfect boyfriend
by elloitt sicklad 2 June 16, 2011
63 32
Darios talk a good game (as you can see right here) but for all the bullshit hype they spin about themselves, the fat ones often harbour creepy tendencies. Just pay attention to the eyes. They probably jerk off over your Facebook page 24/7. They will probably tell you about it too. All along they can pretend to be normal around most people, but inevitably their pedobear, Manson side reveals itself which is why they prowl internet dating sites.
Jamal: Dario is on his juice detox diet again to lose some lard.
Curtis: Oh yeah, but you know what they say. You can lose a few pounds but you can't polish a turd.
Jamal: Ain't that some shit!


Vanessa: That guy is actin all Dario-like again, with just a trench coat on. Damn he's a freak. Probably has OK Cupid.
by Ka Ching June 14, 2013
7 18