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One of the best sites on tha net, hands down, yu already kno!
"Brings tha game to your screen like a ps2"
But aint no playin here!!
Daphatspot is forreal!!
Daphatspot hittin yu wit all tha exclusives!!

U-MAD tryna steal them but he a british bastid!
by Str8Fiya October 15, 2004
Website and forums that brings the crack to the table 24/7.
daphatspot.com has many sites that mimic it, like u-mad.net.
by shakildwz October 08, 2004
A site where boxden rejects run to.A pro-black site,where wiggaz and crackkkas are non-existent.
MixtapeKing,Joey,Nemesiz,JussnKreddible and TMA constantinly get picked at boxden.They one day decided to create a new website,titled "Daphatspot".
by Dr.AK April 08, 2005